Slot Bonus Hit Frequency

Different slots often feature different types of bonus games. Free spins and pick-me bonuses are the most common ones. It’s a lot easier to play free spins since you don’t really have to do anything but sit back and watch how much you win, but pick-me bonuses require a bit more action.

The player will have to get involved and interact with the game by clicking on different items on the screen to reveal prices. These usually include straight-up cash rewards and multipliers to boost your prizes.

When we test games we prefer free spins since it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game as much. But in reality, it doesn’t matter much in terms of pay-out. Pick-me bonuses can be just as rewarding. For the most part of this article, we’ll focus more on free spins and free spins hit frequency. From our testing, we can safely say that this is a vital part of making money on slots.

Free spins hit frequency

Understanding bonus free spins hit frequency and how it affects your gameplay is something we believe to be essential. Forget about trying to figure out winning patterns. Today’s Random Number Generator (RNG) technology is far too sophisticated. Each spin will have a random result regardless of previously played ones.

Still, there is a way to roughly estimate how often you’re likely to hit free spins if you play a slot long enough. This is what we do for you. We test the hell out of every game we review to come up with the free spins hit frequency and average pay-out.

Play Some Slots would never recommend playing any slot the same way we test it. That would be incredibly irresponsible and detrimental to anyone’s bankroll. When we suggest playing a slot no more than a certain number of spins or if your bankroll drops below a particular amount, we mean it. Get out of Dodge before it’s too late.

Play Some Slots slot strategy

Forget everything about trying to trick the slot into paying out differently by messing around with your betting amount. This will not fool the machine and is more likely going to deplete your funds faster.

There are essentially three things we base our reviews on to determine whether a slot is good or bad:

  1. How much money you’re likely to lose before you hit free spins
  2. How often you can roughly expect to hit free spins
  3. How much a slot pays on average after a round of free spins

Needless to say, if the free spins hit frequency is high and the average pay-out is higher than what you could expect to lose before they hit, then we have a winner. These are the slots we like the most.

Surely you have noticed that slots these days come action-packed with extra bonus features to keep players glued to the screen. While each of these extra features have the potential to win you money, you should only look at these as means of keeping your bankroll healthy while you’re waiting for free spins to hit.

Extra slot bonus features

There are plenty of these and they usually involve different variants of wilds, like, stacked, sticky, walking, random, nudge, expanding, and spreading, just to name a few. They may work differently, but they all have one thing in common – they will replace any other icon except for special ones such as bonus and scatter.

With so many different ones it can be hard to figure out which ones are better since they all have pros and cons, which is why we shall focus only on two of them: walking and sticky wilds – because we like these the most.

Walking Wilds: These bad boys can appear anywhere on the reels and while they are in play you’re usually awarded free re-spins while the wild is walking from one side to the other.

Sticky Wilds: It doesn’t always have to be part of a winning pay line to stick around for the following spin, which is often a free re-spin anyway. This is what makes this type of wild so good.

Through testing, we can honestly say that slots with these features are generally much better to play. Just keep in mind that wilds, in general, have no bearing whatsoever on free spins hit frequency.

Best games

This is an exclusive category of games where the maths is doing all the talking. They have quite a lot in common in the sense that you can, if you play correctly, have a much better chance of walking away with a healthy bankroll. They also have a favorable free spins hit frequency.

So how should you approach our top-rated games? The simple answer would be with caution, just like any online slot. To set yourself up you should first start by setting a betting limit. Here we have no good advice to give you other than don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose.

Now that you have a betting limit you should check our review of the game you’re about to play to see how many spins we suggest that you play and/or the amount of money you can lose before it’s time to leave.

Then set the game to autoplay and start. If you hit free spins immediately or very early, like in your first 20 spins, then leave the game if your bankroll is bigger than when you started. If you want to keep playing you should reset autoplay before you continue so you can keep better track of spins and your cash.

Otherwise, you can simply leave and try a different slot or play the same one in a different casino but make sure you set up your game accordingly, like above.