RNG technology

Did you know that the spinning reels on an online slot are just for your viewing pleasure? That’s right. The moment you click spin the outcome is chosen randomly and immediately. But that’s not all. As soon as you load the game it starts picking possible outcomes every millisecond or so before you’ve even begun to play. This is to ensure that no player will be able to predict patterns.

And in all fairness, Bonus Bandit would never claim to have “broken” the code on any slot game we’ve tested so far. The RNG is simply too complex to be beaten. Not only by us but by anyone. If you ever hear a person talking about hot or cold games as if this is a fact, you can easily call bullshit on any such statement.

At the heart of rng technology

There is a very complex algorithm at play in the background. This algorithm is essentially a string of mathematics that determines the outcome. Most mortals will not be able to explain how exactly the algorithm works or even know how to reverse engineer it, but it can be tested for accuracy to make sure players aren’t cheated.

This is normally done by the authorities that grant gaming licenses. Depending on where a casino is based, the licensor may vary. Many European online casinos have their licenses from Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) but more and more countries throughout the continent are slowly catching up.

Simplified RNG explanation

Imagine if you could break open a physical slot game in Vegas and spill out its guts on the floor. Now, focus especially on the reels. Tear them up so you can lay them out as strips next to each other. You’ll notice, most likely, that every reel has 22 physical stops. Some of them will be represented by an icon and some will simply be a blank space.

An online slot, if you could dissect it in a similar manner, would have more than 100 virtual stops per reel. This doesn’t mean that your chances of winning are smaller. It simply means that there are more icons for the algorithm to randomly pick. This is to accommodate for icons you don’t have on a physical slot, like, wilds and other bonus icons.