How we test slots

When we say that we test games rigorously we really mean it. Each game is played exactly 10,000 spins spread out over 10 different online casinos. All relevant data connected with the different types of bonus games is collected and analyzed so that we may present you with the utmost relevant information.

The only thing we care about is how the games we test work and if they are fun to play, which bonuses to pursue, how likely they are to hit, and what payouts can be expected. When we say ‘fun to play’ we should clarify and say that hitting massive payouts after free spins or bonus games is fun. Slot games based on pop-culture may be visually intriguing and come fully stocked with a wide range of ear-pounding sound effects, but this is something we don’t care about at all, and neither should you.

Based on all the stats we gather we can present you, the player, with an opportunity to form a strategy on how you want to approach your style of playing. The way we look at slot games and what’s important may be very different from a casual player’s perspective, but at least our reviews are objective and honest.