About Play Some Slots

Play Some Slots is a vibrant group of men and women in our prime, who just like you, spent countless hours and money gambling online. Each one of us realized that if you can’t beat them, join them. So we did. After years of working in different online gaming companies, we have hands-on knowledge of how the industry works, and more crucially, what you, the customer, should be looking for.

As an affiliate of several leading brands in the online gaming industry, we’re here to scrutinize their offers, promotions, terms & conditions, bonuses, and games and share our slot bonus reviews with you so you can make informed decisions with your hard-earned money.

We’re not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass or BS. Much of the information you receive here is directly from our experience of working inside online gaming companies. We’ll teach you what to look for before tying your money to a bonus, what pitfalls to avoid when taking part of promotions, which games you should stay clear of, and which games are potential winners – and why. Eventually, you will be able to spot these things for yourself.

By all means, come back for more because there will be a lot of surprises reveals on the way, and who knows; maybe you’ll learn a few winning tricks.